Not podium material

This is going to be half heart-outpouring and half sponsor plug. But rest assured they dovetail into each other.

I've met a few times with our life coach sponsor Amy Mechels Reichlin with Yes & MoreCoaching - reference the "What is your 'yes?'" on the butt of our chamois. She's terrific, and the point of life coaching is coaxing out what validates you, what makes you happy and fulfilled, and helping point your time and action in that direction. Pretty simple on paper. Pretty eye-opening when you honestly dive into what fills your time and expends your energy.

While Amy has guided me to understand my professional motivation, lessons still to be learned, and goals, I'll share what I've learned about my athleticism so far: I'll never be a super competitive uber athlete. Why? I am not willing to sacrifice that much.

Coaching not only helps define what you're actively doing, but what you should cut out. What you say "no" to is as important as what you say "yes" to. If you want more time to read up on interesting topics, meditate, or work out, cut out the shit that isn't adding to your core values. Buh-bye social media, TV, or reading the e-blasts from brands you haven't bought in years. Hello to new space that can be filled with action that has meaning.

Back to my lack of a professional athlete title. My career has been with brands that sponsor the best in the world: I've worked with literally the best in the field of triathlon, running, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, and climbing. I still get celebrity stomach flutters when I meet someone who's won the "superbowl" of their sport. But I never have had the killer instinct to be one of their ranks. Why? Coaching taught me the answer: when I focus on my values and vision of what I want in my life, it includes family time, social time with friends, good food (love me some carbs, gluten, and dairy), celebration (i.e. wine), relaxation, and "home." There's no motivation for sacrificing to some extent all of the above, fierce determination to be the best at the expense of anything, or an internal drive to train when I don't feel like it. The Olympians and World Champs I've met have sacrificed. A lot. Once I realized my mere-mortal-ness IS of my own making, I released the disappointment that I haven't and won't be the best. And that's cool with me.  I've already won in my own competition of a balanced life.

Try coaching and see where it leads you - or teaches you you're already there.

Venus Night Out



Join Venus de Miles  and hostess Marianne Martin, the first Women's Tour de France winner, for an evening of inspiration and celebration at Marianne's photography studio in Boulder.  Marianne will share personal photographs from her Tour de France win while you enjoy light refreshments, tasty beverages, and lots of mingling opportunity with fellow female cyclists!


All are welcome!  You don't have to be registered for the Venus ride on August 23 to attend, so feel free to bring friends and spread the word.  Because space is limited, they request a $5 donation to Greenhouse Scholars to reserve your ticket in advance.  Click HERE to RSVP now! 

Reach out to Denver friends

Do you have Denver-area friends who want to join a club and are a little jealous of what you have with Team ten20? Tell them to fear not, we welcome them to join us. A number of our sponsors have branched out to Denver locations, so we figured we should just make the party larger. Rags has been busy with Highlands and Cherry Creek shops, Oak's offspring is Acorn, Health Images serves the metro area, and Yoga Pod has a Cherry Creek location too (not to mention our nationwide-reach sponsors that anyone, anywhere can take advantage of).

What's the best way to show off our goods? Invite Denver friends to ride with us! We have a urban Denver path ride on May 31 - have them meet us at the Confluence Park area (by REI) and we'll pedal together. We're also planning other Denver-area rides such as Deer Creek Trail and the super fun Boulder-Denver route. These are terrific ride opportunities for Boulder-area cyclists to get out and try something new.

Ride on!

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