Dressing for Cool Weather Cycling

*Here’s a blog we’re sharing with our pals over at SheBeest – enjoy the read! I hear a collective “yay, autumn!” shout-out across the land.  Cooler temperatures have finally replaced blazing hot summer sun. Many of my cycling sisters were o-v-e-r the heat, but I get a little sad when summer ends. I love riding […]

Team ten20 Satellite Cycling Clubs

Do you want to be a part of a cycling team in your town? Is your existing team about to disband? We’re here for you, sister. There’s something really special about being part of a cycling club; there’s a sense of inclusion and proud feeling of “hey, there’s one of my teammates!” when you see […]


It’s heartwrenching that I even have to try to give this hashtag momentum. I just can’t get it through my skull why drivers of motorized vehicles are so damn impatient to pass cyclists safely when a slight brake or mere pause before stepping on the gas could prevent accidents at the best, or in the […]